150 Lessons

Every Subgenre of Horror

Become a virtuoso in brainstorming story ideas, dramatic situations, scenes, and other story elements in every flavor of the horror genre.

Master the Horror Subgenres

31 Lessons

Family Conflict – Intermediate / Advanced

Elevate your writing to the level of "contemporary classic", telling powerful, heartfelt stories of families in crisis, generation gaps, sibling rivalry, and more!

Practice Writing Family Conflict

11 Lessons

Conflict: Power Struggle – Intermediate / Advanced

Intensify the dramatic impact of your stories with this special form of conflict that prompts deep insight into psychology of your characters.

Practice Depicting Power Struggle

8 Lessons

Group Conflict – Intermediate / Advanced

Explore your subject matter in-depth and build up the drama to maximum intensity, adding group conflict to your stories.

Practice Crafting Group Conflict

16 Lessons

Complex Surprise – Intermediate / Advanced

Enrich your plots, characters and narrative style and elevate your ability startle your audience with these advanced techniques for creating dramatic surprise.

Master the Complex Surprise

4 Lessons

Creative Lab

This is where we publish all kinds of unusual or experimental stuff: Avant-garde storytelling techniques, counterintuitive creative solutions, and more.

Take Part in Our Daring Experiments

29 Lessons

Simple Surprise – Intermediate / Advanced

Develop extreme creative flexibility in designing simple dramatic surprise, and advance your ability to craft staggering plot twists.

Master the Simple Surprise

9 Lessons

Dramatic Surprise – Foundation

Master simple, effective techniques for misdirecting your audience and making your plot twists impossible to guess.

Set Up the Foundation for Writing Dramatic Surprise

28 Lessons

Conflict – Foundation

Develop the essential skills for writing powerful, poignant, compelling conflict and infusing your stories with emotions, psychological depth and drama.

Establish the Foundation for Writing Conflict

3 Lessons

Copy the Masters: Anton Chekhov – “Ivanoff”

Study the storytelling techniques used by the great Russian playwright Anton Pavlovich Chekhov in his debut stage play "Ivanoff", written when he was 27.

Learn From Young Master Chekhov

4 Lessons

Start Here

Get familiar with simple, effective, practice-based, common-sense principles of Superstar Screenwriters training methodology.

Review Our Training Principles

3 Lessons

Comedy Patterns – Part One

Practice simple, effective techniques for writing comical scenes and triggering laughter in your audience.

Master Comedy Patterns

28 Lessons

Plot Twists – Foundation

Make your stories unpredictable and exhilarating by including sudden hairpin twists in their plots.

Get Trained in Plot Twists

4 Lessons

Story Structure – Foundation

Develop solid understanding of story structure, using the "protagonist transformation" story model as example.

Practice Story Structure

16 Lessons

Culmination Patterns – Intermediate / Advanced

Learn to brainstorm the culminating scenes for your stories and bring them to powerful, compelling conclusions.

Gain Culmination Writing Skills

75 Lessons

Story Ideas – Intermediate / Advanced

Sharpen your story idea creation skills with this extended collection of cool concept-building techniques.

Brainstorm Story Ideas

10 Lessons

Story Ideas – Foundation

Develop and maintain a set of fundamental skills for coming up with compelling, intriguing, viable story ideas.

Learn to Brainstorm Story Ideas